The One for Whom the Sun ShinesBeautiful CompanionFirst Royal Spouse.


Nefertari was one of the most celebrated queens of ancient Egypt. The favorite wife of the great pharaoh Ramesses II (reigned 1279–1213 BCE), she was highly regarded, educated, and could read and write hieroglyphs.

In 1904, the Italian archaeologist Ernesto Schiaparelli discovered her tomb—the most richly decorated in the Valley of the Queens, with brilliantly painted scenes depicting her perilous journey towards immortality. Schiaparelli also made significant discoveries in the nearby village of Deir el-Medina that reveal what daily life would have been like for the artisans who constructed Nefertari’s magnificent tomb.

The Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy, holds one of the most important collections of ancient Egyptian works outside of Cairo. All the works in the exhibition are from this superb collection.

Step back in time to explore ancient temples, life in the royal women’s household and the artisan village of Deir el-Medina, rituals of death, and Nefertari’s resplendent tomb.          



The exhibition is organized by the Museo Egizio, Turin, and StArt, in collaboration with the Kimbell Art Museum. It is supported by the Texas Commission on the Arts, the Fort Worth Tourism Public Improvement District, and the Consulate General of Italy in Houston. Promotional support is provided by American Airlines, NBC 5 and PaperCity.

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