Two Americans in Paris

Two Americans in Paris is the catalogue that accompanies the exhibition From the Lands of Asia: The Sam and Myrna Myers Collection
Two Americans in Paris
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Sam and Myrna Myers are two Americans who fell in love with Paris in the mid-60s and decided to move there. Over five decades they amassed more than 5,000 works of art, offering a very personal vision of the world of Asian art. Four principal collecting areas emerged. The first is an impressive series of archaic jades, followed by significant Buddhist works from Asia, then a remarkable collection of blue-and-white porcelain, and finally an ensemble of costumes from Central Asia to Japan. These four groups constitute the natural breakdown of this book: Radiant Stones, Icons and Textiles, An Ocean of Porcelain, and Costumes and Customs. This collection brings together beautiful objects made of seductive and noble materials: jade, silk, and porcelain, the essential materials of Asian art.

This volume accompanies the exhibition From the Lands of Asia: The Sam and Myrna Myers Collection.