Past Exhibitions

Installation shot of Stubbs and the Horse
November 14, 2004 to February 6, 2005
Detail of The Dogana, San Giorgio, Citella, from the Steps of the Europa Joseph Mallord William Turner on view in Turner and Venice
February 15, 2004 to May 30, 2004
Detail of Anthropoid Coffin of Paduamen, with Inner Board and Lid on view in Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt
May 4, 2003 to September 14, 2003
Detail of Portrait of a Woman by Amedeo Modigliani on view in Modigliani and the Artists of Montparnasse
February 9, 2003 to May 25, 2003
Detail of Joséphine's March Lily (Amaryllis josephinae) by Pierre-Joseph Redouté on view in The Floral Art of Pierre-Joseph Redouté
November 17, 2002 to March 2, 2003
Mondrian-inspired graphic
August 18, 2002 to December 8, 2002
Detail of Portrait of a Man before the Virgin and Child on view in Giovanni Battista Moroni: Renaissance Portraitist
February 26, 2000 to May 28, 2000
Detail of L'Asie by Henri Matisse
January 31, 1999 to May 2, 1999
pacer Bead for a Necklace on view in Gifts of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Faience
January 24, 1999 to April 25, 1999