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Did you believe in monsters when you were a child? Lurking under beds or behind closet doors, these creatures provoke thrills of terror, shivers of delight, and endless fascination. They tend to embody our deepest fears, real or imagined.

Monsters have a particularly terrifying reputation among children. What makes them so scary?  Our children...


In early September, Japan will celebrate hassaku, a centuries-old festival that encourages a bountiful harvest. It also commemorates the famous shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, who in 1590 on hassaku entered Edo Castle for the first time. As the Tokugawa clan gained power and peace settled over Japan, the festival grew in importance.



Summer fun is in full swing at the Kimbell! In addition to our regular summer camps and drop-in studios designed for older children, we have enjoyed meeting families who stop by to explore our new interactive space for little ones (ages 5 and younger). 

These curious and inventive art explorers are serious about their color playtime—from...


Thanks to the wonderful group of educators who participated in last week's Summer Institute for Teachers. We had a lot of fun with this group, and loved that they really got into their samurai-inspired creations.

For more information on professional development opportunities for educators at the Kimbell, click...