Introducing the Kimbell Education Blog

What happens when a museum grows and an education department expands? You create a blog to showcase all of it happening!

Welcome to the Kimbell’s very first education blog. We envision this as a space for sharing some of the thoughts and processes that define how we approach learning experiences in the Museum’s galleries and studios. We also hope that it will become a place where others find inspiration for their interactions with art and art making.

Exploring new possibilities

Over the years, we have had great fun experimenting with programming that brings together great masterpieces and diverse audiences . . . book discussions with adults, week-long summer camps, large-scale family festivals, and, most recently, drop-in studio programs for kids, as well as teens and adults. Thanks to the beautiful new education studios in the Piano Pavilion, we are working on even more ways to engage visitors of all ages. Our first blog post will focus on the latest development on that front. 

A comfortable space for our youngest visitors and their favorite adults

In just a few short weeks, we will reach a milestone with the opening of “Summer Fun in Studio A.” This play-based learning environment for families with young children (ages five and younger) will feature “do-it-together” activities that invite little ones to explore with their fingers and ears, as well as their eyes. The room’s design takes everyone’s comfort into consideration. There will be spacious couches, cushions, and carpet tiles for floor time and small tables for unpacking “projects-in-a-box” selected from nearby cubbies.

Activities to spark conversations

Studio A’s activities are intended to invite discovery through experimentation and collaboration. Imagine a toddler’s wonder when two colors combine to create another. Special moments unfold as a parent and child add colorful shapes to the “community wall” or when siblings play with illuminated blocks on the light table. On the ride home or around the dinner table, families may recount details from that new favorite book discovered on our shelves or the portrait painting of a young girl wearing a bright red scarf. We hope that memories from these Museum experiences will help plant seeds for a lifelong love of learning.  

It’s all about color

Why choose color as the learning focus for Studio A’s first season? Color is one of the most noticeable characteristics in the world that children experience. It is one of the very first ways children learn to define, organize, and understand what they see—everything from cars and buildings to trees and the skies above. Introducing basic concepts relating to the “science” of color is equally important and a lot of fun. Each month, Studio A activities will explore different themes relating to color. Click here for details.

Gallery Connections

Animals in art, landscapes, portraits, sculpture, and color! Pick up thematic guides to begin your family exploration. We hope these “read-out-loud” resources will be the starting place for many inspiring, surprising, and memorable family exchanges centering on artworks in the galleries. 

Grand opening on Saturday, May 24

To celebrate Studio A’s official debut, we will host some “messier” art activities, storybook readings, mini-classes for parents who would like suggestions for conversing about art with their little ones, and complimentary gifts for our first 500 visitors.

Special thanks

“Summer Fun in Studio A” is made possible by generous funding from the Lowe Foundation.

More on color and early learning:

“Why Colors and Shapes Matter,” by Ellen Booth Church. Parents: Home of Parent and Child Magazine, Scholastic.


And again, welcome to the Kimbell Education Blog. Thanks for reading!