Over 100 new acquisitions made before the Museum's opening

Under the guidance of director Richard F. Brown, the Kimbell Art Foundation purchased over 100 new acquisitions before the Kimbell Art Museum even opened to the public. These ranged from Cycladic, Greek, and Roman sculpture to fifteenth-century Italian Renaissance painting, and from early twentieth-century French art to Indian and Southeast Asian sculpture, Chinese and Japanese ceramics and paintings, and the art of the Precolumbian Olmec and Maya cultures. Among these are some of the most celebrated works of the collection, including Giovanni Bellini’s Christ Blessing, François Boucher’s four monumental canvases of the loves of the gods, Francisco de Goya’s Portrait of the Matador Pedro Romero, Claude Monet’s La Pointe de la Hève at Low Tide, and Pablo Picasso’s Man with a Pipe.

Caption: Claude Monet, La Pointe de la Hève at Low Tide, 1865, oil on canvas. Kimbell Art Museum, acquired in 1968

Sunday, October 1, 1972