The Kimbell opens the first special exhibition in the new Piano Pavilion

The Museum debuts its first special exhibition in its new Piano Pavilion. The show Samurai: Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection features more than 140 remarkable objects of extraordinary artistry that were used by samurai—the military elite led by the shoguns, or warlords, of Japan from the twelfth through nineteenth centuries.

Caption: Armor of the nimaitachidō type (nimaitachidō tōsei gusoku), attributed to Myōchin Yoshimichi (helmet bowl); Myōchin Munenori (armor); Muromachi period, c. 1400 (helmet bowl); mid-Edo period, 18th century (armor). Iron, shakudō, silver, bronze, wood, gold, brocade, lacing, fur, leather 

Sunday, February 16, 2014