Bowl with Lotus Design

Bowl with Lotus Design made of stoneware with olive green glaze and carved design.
Song dynasty (960–1279)
12th or 13th century
Stoneware with olive green glaze
H. 2 13/16 in. (7.1 cm); Diam. 7 1/4 in. (18.4 cm)
AP 1971.16
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Graceful shapes, rich greenish glazes, and distinctively carved designs are salient features of the restrained jade colored wares known as “northern celadon.” The name alludes to its development in the northern provinces of Shaanxi and Henan during the Northern Song period (960–1127). This bowl, which appears to have been a popular Song form, reveals a consummate mastery of ceramic techniques. Although the substantial hard-fired body has a solid, unpretentious shape, the ornately carved lotus design and subtly enhancing glaze combine to produce an elegant effect.


(N. V. Hammer, Inc., New York) by 1970; purchased by Kimbell Art Foundation, Fort Worth, 1971.