Director's Message

Dear Friends, 

The Kimbell has been excited to unveil its beautiful new car park, located east of the Louis I. Kahn Building on the six acres across Van Cliburn Way. The car park represents the completion of the Kimbell’s campus, following the opening of the Renzo Piano Pavilion in 2013. Designed by Fort Worth-based architect Joe Self, the car park was the brainchild of Ben J. Fortson, vice president of the Kimbell Art Foundation. A highlight of this issue of Calendar is the conversation between Mr. Fortson and Joe Self with writer/journalist Tim Madigan in which they discuss the car park’s genesis and design.

In 2018, important behind-the-scenes updates of the Kahn Building’s nearly fifty-year-old infrastructure are taking place to ensure that the Kimbell’s electrical and climate-control systems continue to function perfectly in the decades to come. This work will mean that sections of the building will be temporarily closed from time to time. Please check our website for the latest information.

Sam and Myrna Myers, a young American couple who had recently moved to Paris, almost by chance in the 1960s started to collect Asian art, which quickly developed into a passion. Ultimately, they assembled one of the most distinctive collections of Asian art ever amassed. The Kimbell is pleased to present this collection—seen for the first time publicly in the United States—in the exhibition From the Lands of Asia: The Sam and Myrna Myers Collection. The objects in the exhibition create a rich, complex, and magical tapestry—a panoramic history of Asian cultures from ancient times to modern days.

The Kimbell is excited to announce the acquisition of Portrait of Heinrich Thannhauser (1918) by Lovis Corinth. Although this is the first twentieth-century German painting to enter the Kimbell’s collection, the expressionistic portrait of a pioneering modern art dealer already looks remarkably at home in the Museum’s galleries.  Before or after immersing yourself in the exhibition From the Lands of Asia, make sure you stop by the permanent collection galleries to meet Mr. Thannhauser.

I am ever grateful to you, our members, for your participation and support, which is a cornerstone of the Kimbell’s success. This spring and summer, I hope to see you often at the Museum.


Eric M. Lee